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01 Jan 2024 1:18 PM | Keith Webb (Administrator)

Some questions can only be heard and answered if you slow down. 

Ten years ago, I was traveling 70+ nights a year for work and another 20-30 nights with my family. I also led my organization, managed people, taught, and wrote. I was dad to high school kids. A husband. A friend.

My productivity was dialed in. I got a lot done. But it was exhausting.

There were fleeting moments when things would slow enough for me to hear internal questions like,
  • How long can I keep this up?
  • Is there another way?
My whole system didn't leave any room to slow down to think about questions like these. If I did slow down for a minute, more nagging internal questions popped up:
  • Is this how I really want to live?
  • Is this the most important contribution I can make?
  • Am I being my best self?
Going fast, I could excuse myself from reflecting on these questions, “because I’m doing the best I can". Besides, I was busy and getting so much done.

I'm struck by how Jesus "often withdrew to lonely places and prayed" (Luke‬ ‭5‬:‭16‬ ‭NIVUK). It seems the busier he was, the more he slowed down to pray and reflect. 

When I think about it, it's not surprising that some questions can't be heard or answered when we're running fast. With no time to think, we only react. To keep the system going, we can't stop for a moment. Status quo wins. 

I slowed for intentional time to listen and reflect on the troubling questions the Holy Spirit was prompting in me. As a result, I made significant changes that transformed me, our organization, and my relationships. 

As you begin 2024, rather than "hitting the ground running" to continue your busy cycle, I encourage you to slow down, sit with your questions, pray, and see what adjustments God might have in mind for you this year. 


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