Add-on Level 1 Assessment

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The Add-on Level 1 Assessment is for those who completed 60+ training hours and 10 mentor coaching hours with us after January 1, 2018. For those who took Coaching Mastery Foundations and Coaching Mastery Advantage you don't need the assessment again.

You will learn a process for how to continually develop yourself through self-reflection. This reflection process can be applied to any area you want to improve.

You will apply the reflection process to a recording of one of your coaching sessions. This course prepares you with all the information you need to create a client coaching recording that reflects your true coaching abilities. When you are ready, you'll send us that recording and we'll assess it based on the ICF's Core Competencies. 

To receive a Level 1 Certificate, your client coaching session must demonstrate the ICF Core Competencies at a passing level. Your coaching training with us prepared you to coach at this level, and so will this course.

While we expect that you will successfully achieve a passing score the first time, there's a retake process to submit another recording should you need to do so. 

The course is a self-study program, rather than live scheduled classes to give you the flexibility to work through the information at your own pace. 

After passing the performance evaluation and meeting the other Level 1 requirements, which are completing 60 hours of training and 10 mentor coaching hours with us, you will receive an ICF Level 1 Certificate. Once you have 100 client coaching hours, you may go on to apply with the ICF for an ACC using the faster, easier, and less expensive ACC Level 1 application path.

Course Outline & Objectives

How to Prepare

  • The specific Level 1 assessment criteria.
  • How to select your coaching client for the recording. 
  • How to be relaxed and coach your best on the recording.

Details for the Assessment Recording

  • Tips for creating a winning client coaching recording.
  • An easy, no cost way to record the session.
  • All the technical specifications and requirements of the recording.
  • How to upload your client coaching recording to our assessment system (our system will make a transcript at no charge to you).
  • How to correct the transcript for accuracy.

How to Self-Assess Your Recording

  • The Minimum Skills Requirements.
  • Self-assessment questions.
  • Tips to choose your best recording.

Reviewing the Results of Your Assessment

  • How to see details and feedback for your assessment.
How to Retake the Assessment, If Needed
  • How to reassess your previous recording with the feedback you received. 
  • What to do differently next time.
  • How to submit a new recording.
How to Apply for an ICF ACC
  • The requirements to apply for an ICF ACC. 
  • The ICF ACC Level 1 application process.

About this Course

You must have graduated after Jan 1, 2018 with 60+ training hours and 10 mentor coaching hours, all from Creative Results Management training. For example, the previous version of the Coaching Mastery program. 

Available Languages:
Currently, we are able to process assessments in English and Chinese. French will be available soon.

Course Delivery:

  • No scheduled classes, self-study.
Additional requirements:
  • A recording of you coaching a client needs to be submitted within a 60 day time period.
  • Additional reading homework.

ICF Credit Hours:

  • 3 ICF training hours as part of the new ICF Level 1 and Level 2 Certificates. These hours are awarded on submission of your client coach recording.
  • You can use these hours for your ICF membership, coach credential, or credential renewal. All hours are Core Competencies.
  • A Level 1 Certificate will be awarded on achieving a passing score on the assessment, and fulfilling the other requirements of the Level 1 Certificate.
If you do not pass ...
  • A retake process is available for those who do not initially achieve a passing score on the assessment. Through this process, candidates can submit a new recording and transcript without retaking this course. 

  • A retake must be done within six months from the date of your results email. The fee for the retake process is $150.
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What Participants are Saying...

"I was pleasantly surprised how quickly and efficiently the whole process worked. From the time I purchased the Add-on Level 1 Assessment to receiving my ACC was only 8 weeks. The team at CRM were helpful, supportive and encouraging throughout. Highly recommend!" —Kelly Kannwischer, Founder OptUp Coaching

"The Add-on Level 1 Performance Evaluation wasn't half as scary as I thought it would be. The self-study part of the course prepared me to confidently coach on the recording." —Future Participant

Add-on Level 1 Assessment

Registration $299

See Prerequisites above. Contact us if you're not sure if you qualify.


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