The World Has Shifted... What Will You Do With the Next 90 Day?

All will not be back to normal in a couple of weeks. I'm preparing to be home for 90 days - April, May, and June.

How will you use the next 90 days?

  • Hunker down and binge-watch Netflix? 
  • Paint the hallway? 
  • Learn to cook stewed tomatoes and beans, or whatever else is in those cans in your pantry?

The choices you make now will determine your path in the 2nd half of 2020 and beyond.

It's time to get productive and make an impact. We want to help you increase your leadership effectiveness, right now. 

In order to better serve you during the next 90 days, we're pivoting our coaching training, making it online, sooner, and adding new courses. These are some of the new, online courses:

My goal is that despite this crisis we become stronger, more focused, and better equipped to serve others by leading well. 

Grace & Peace, 

New: Fully Online Coaching Mastery Certificate Program

Now fully online, our most in-depth coaching training will to equip you to see results quickly. The Coaching Mastery Certificate Program gives you 63 ICF-Approved training hours and 10 hours of ICF-Approved mentor-coaching - everything you need to apply for an ICF coach credential.

Join the live, online program beginning April 20th. Find out how you can save $250 and get our Essential Marketing Bundle course set for free when you enroll in Coaching Mastery. Watch the video to hear more.

New, Online Coaching Side-Gig Program

Making a living as a coach is difficult, so don't quit your day job. But adding $1,000 a month income by coaching is entirely possible!

We created this course with the goal of developing $1,000 a month income through value-based coaching.

It's not just about making money. When you charge a reasonable, value-based, fee your clients will take the coaching engagement more seriously and work harder. That means greater results for them. 

Master Certified Coach and business owner, Charles Hooper, Jr., will facilitate this entrepreneurial group. Charles will share freely what he has learned through the ups and downs of years of side-gig coaching while he was a pastor. Now, he's transitioned to a full-time Executive Coach. 

If you're ready to put a few hours each week over the next 3 months, you can add income through coaching. We'll walk you through the process. Begins April 20thLearn more and register now.

Charles Hooper and Keith Webb will lead a free webinar preview highlight the 10 steps to adding $1,000 a month with coaching without quitting your "day job.” It's March 30, 12:30pm Seattle time. Register here to join:

Advanced Course: Online Coaching the Whole Person

Great coaches focus on the whole person – their internal ways of being, mindsets, and their development.

The attitudes and behaviors you see are just indicators of what's going on inside a person. In order to achieve lasting change, we have to coach the whys - the meaning behind the client's choices.

We'll show you how to ask for, recognize, and coach the client's internal processing - including emotions.

Plenary sessions are filled with teaching by expert coaches such as Dr. Keith Webb, PCC and Dr. Kim Zovak, MCC, along with discussion and skill practice. Practice is done in cohort groups with an Instructor. You'll see coaching demonstrations by Instructors, you'll coach, and be coached - with feedback and discussion. 

If you've taken foundational coaching training, step up the results of your coaching with Coaching the Whole Person. Begins May 4th, fully online. Learn more.

More Online Courses in April

Free: How to Overcome Stress with Brain Science

In these uncertain days, the storms of stress in your mind can swell to tropical storm level or worse! As a result of her personal journey, Katie learned how to calm these storms.

Learn how your brain is designed and what needs to happen in it to calm your stress. We’ll cover:

  • How to transform your mind and let your thinking get renewed.
  • How to get your body to move from anxiety to calm.

Watch the webinar here.

What Others Are Saying...

"I researched 3 training programs before I chose Creative Results Management. The training exceeded my expectations for skills, Christian perspective, discovery, and preparation for my coaching business."

Bernardine Eckelkamp
Best Foot Forward Coaching

"As a corporate coach in a Fortune 100 company I wanted a coaching program that matched my beliefs as well as corporate standards. The Coaching Mastery Certificate Program was a perfect fit. It matched my value system and provided the skills I needed for ICF certification, plus it took my business to a new level."

Garry Senna
Garry Senna Coaching

What Makes Our Coaching Training Different?


Built on a Christian worldview and Biblical theology. You can coach anyone - Christian or not. We give you the tools to live out Christian values in Holy Spirit-empowered ways, at work or at home. 


The International Coach Federation, examined our programs with a fine-tooth comb and approved all of them. What does this mean to you? It means you are getting the best coaching training available.



Change tools you can immediately use. Not just theory, but flexible, powerful, and practical. You practice real-world skills with expert feedback so you’re ready to make an impact in your world.


Keith WebbIf you're a Christian leader and want to multiply your impact, we can help. I developed The COACH Model® and our ICF-approved Christian coaching training to help you achieve organizational results while simultaneously developing people.

Since 2005, we led leadership development and coaching processes in more than 30 countries with over 350 organizations. In 2019 alone, we trained more than 3,550 leaders in coaching skills.

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