Coaching Leaders

(15 ICF training hours)

Advanced Skills to Coach Leaders

Coaching Leaders presents a unique and exciting challenge for the coach. Not only do you have the opportunity to help one person thrive, but also everyone who is in the leader’s area of influence.

Coaching leaders involves more than problem solving or goal attainment for your client—it should facilitate a process of transformation. Coach the person—the leader—to change internally, not to simply add leadership techniques. 

This interactive course is designed to increase your competence and confidence to engage in transformational ways  with those at various levels of leadership.

Along with other frameworks, we will introduce the Lead, Develop, Care Model. The LDC Model™ has been used broadly around the world and is a proven paradigm to guide leadership direction and decisions. 

This interactive course is designed to increase your awareness of the unique challenges leaders face and help them navigate those waters well. Through models, tools, and real-life examples, you will learn to help leaders recognize that is needed from them, why that is important, and how to best move forward.

Participants will:

  • Understand the unique challenges of working with leaders.
  • Build skills to help leaders be more effective.
  • Engage with tools to help in coaching leaders.
  • Learn a model that will help inform their / others leadership.
  • Build confidence in working with leaders of various capacities.
  • Walk away with advanced coaching tools to aid you in coaching others.

Learning Through Instruction & Practice

Sessions are led by Bryan Brown, MCC and include discussion and skill practice. You'll see coaching demonstrations by instructors, you'll coach and be coached—all with feedback and discussion. We'll go over the relevant ICF PCC Markers for how to coach leaders at a PCC level. Practice is emphasized so you move from knowing about these skills, to being able to do them. 

Note: this is a revised and advanced Level 2 Certificate version of our previous course on this topic. 

Included Resources

Coaching Leaders uses proven frameworks designed to help you learn the mindsets and skills of a coach and use them in any conversation. 

We provide PDF copies for you to print for your use. If you're in the USA, we'll mail you a printed copy.

Course Outline & Objectives

Session 1: Mindset

  • Why coach leaders?
  • Unique challenges in coaching leaders
  • The role of a leadership coach and ICF PCC behaviors.
  • The leader's mindset.
  • Coaching practice & feedback.

Session 2: Heartset

  • Developing trust in leadership.
  • The #1 problem leaders face and the solution.
  • 4 aspects of the heart.
  • Coaching the heart of the leader, not just behavior
  • Coaching practice & feedback.

Session 3: Skillset

  • Listening deeper and broader.
  • 5 coaching questions to go deeper.
  • Strengthening a leader's EQ with through awareness.
  • The LDC Model™.
  • Coaching demonstration & practice.

Session 4: Toolset

  • Creating coaching agreement with other stakeholders in mind.
  • Effective tools for common leader challenges.
  • Tools for coaching the leader and their team
  • Tools for coaching about the leader's team.
  • Coaching practice & feedback.

About this Course


  • As this is an advanced course, at least 60+ coaching training hours, and 80+ client coaching hours.

Additional requirements:

  • Implement coaching with your clients.

ICF Credit Hours:

  • 15 ICF training hours as part of the our ICF Level 2 Certificate. 
  • You can use these hours for your ICF membership, coach credential, and or credential renewal. All hours are Core Competencies.

Your Instructor:

  • Bryan Brown, MCC

If you miss part of the course...
  • You may miss up to 25% the live class sessions and make them up by listening to records.
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Coaching Leaders Pricing and Dates

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