Level 2 Professional Coach Certificate Program

Advanced coaching training for Christian leaders.

Hi, I'm Keith Webb, the founder of Creative Results Management. The Level 1 Coaching Mastery Certificate Program equips you to coach with confidence and skill. The Level 2 Professional Coach Certificate Program builds on what you learned and your coaching experience. 

This program trains you how to go deeper faster for greater transformation with your coaching clients. To do so requires advanced coaching mindsets and practices that can only be learned after some experience.

You will learn how to...

  • Assist clients to go internal for systemic impact and not just external problem solving.
  • Go deeper faster for client transformation.
  • Learn to embody the industry standard 37 advanced coaching behaviors.
  • Partner, to fully empower clients.

Why not just start with all this great learning?

We tried. We tested our advanced curriculum on those starting out and those who have already been coaching for a while. I hoped we could skip to the deeper client transformation from the beginning. Unfortunately, all of us have entrenched habits, beliefs, and mindsets that need teaching, feedback, and coaching experience to change.

The good news is our Level 1 Coaching Mastery Certificate Program effectively helps people to recognize and shift to coaching mindsets and behaviors. With this experience, participants begin to "hear" and "see" things in conversations they couldn't before.

In the Level 2 Professional Coach Certificate Program we help you see and hear much, much more. 

It's not easy. It takes learning, demonstrations, practice, and expert feedback to embody these advanced coaching skills. 

You can learn them! We've been teaching coaching skills since 2004. We've worked with a wide variety of people with different personalities, jobs, and cultural backgrounds. 

Whether you want to grow as a leader or you would like to expand your effectiveness as a professional coach, this series of hands-on courses will fully equip you to go deeper faster, for client transformation.

We work with Christians in business, nonprofits, and those who just want to be better leaders.

Our approach incorporates three strands which combine together to produce powerful results in the lives of our participants. 

1. Christian

Courses are built on a Christian worldview and Biblical theology. You can coach anyone - Christian or not. We give you the tools to live out Christian values in Holy Spirit-empowered ways, at work or at home. 

2. Professional

The International Coaching Federation examined this program with a fine-tooth comb and approved it as an ICF Level 2 Certificate program. What does this mean to you? It means you are getting the best professional coaching training available.

3. Practical 

We offer change tools you can immediately use. Not just theory, but flexible, powerful, and practical leadership skills. Our proprietary COACH Model® produces deep changes when used in advanced ways. You practice real-world skills with expert feedback so you’re ready to make an impact in your world.

Approved by the International Coaching Federation

The Level 2 Professional Coach Certificate Program has been examined by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the largest coaching association in the world. They went over our program with a fine-tooth comb. The ICF approved the whole program as a Level 2 Certificate Program. It includes the training and mentor-coaching hours needed to move to an ICF PCC coach credential. 

What does this mean for you? You're getting verified world-class training. And once you have graduated from the program and have 500 client coaching hours, you can apply to the ICF through the faster, easier and less expensive ICF PCC Level 2 application path.

More than 500 of our graduates have received an ICF coach credential. You can too!

Level 2 Professional Coach Certificate Program Requirements

We teach and practice everything you need to coach at an advanced level.


The Level 2 Professional Coach Certificate Program builds on your previous ICF-approved coaching training. We transfer in those qualified hours. There are two ways to meet the prerequisites: 

  • Level 1 Coaching Mastery or Other Training From CRM. Our standard way is to graduate from the Level 1 Coaching Mastery Certificate Program. You will have 60 to 73 training hours, depending on when you complete it. Or...
  • An ICF ACC or Approved Training From Other Schools. If you have and ICF ACC or 60+ ICF-approved Level 1, ACSTH, or ACTP training hours (not CCEs), we may be able to transfer in up to 60 hours with a $200 transfer fee. This fee includes a complementary auditing of Coaching Mastery Foundations (see below). 

Coaching Mastery Foundations. (Waived if you've done Mastery or CORE with us.) We want to get you up to speed with The COACH Model® and our foundational, hands-on, interactive training style. It's quick, and you'll get a lot out of it, even if you've had previous coaching training.

Level 2 Live Online Training 

Here's our current line up of advanced courses.

1. Coaching The Whole PersonGreat coaches focus on the whole person – their internal ways of being, mindsets, and their development. 

2. Advanced Partnering in Coaching. Advanced partnering takes your coaching to a whole new level by creating a powerful mutual reciprocity

3. Coaching LeadersCoach the leader to change internally, not to simply add leadership techniques.

4. Coaching Excellence for PCC (mentor coaching). To fine-tune your coaching after you've taken a couple of the advanced classes, one of our qualified mentor coaches will work with you. Mentor Coaching is about practice followed by expert feedback to assist you to move to an ICF PCC level of coaching.

5. Level 2 Assessment. When you've completed the required courses, you will provide a recording and transcript of a coaching session. (We'll guide you through the process, don't worry.) We'll give the coaching conversation a full Level 2 performance evaluation. When you pass, you'll receive your ICF Level 2 Certificate from us.

Once you also have 500 total client coaching hours, you may apply to the ICF for a PCC using the faster, easier, and less expensive Level 2 application path.

Level 2 Professional Coach Certificate Program Courses

Level 2
Level 2

2nd Half of
Level 2

 Which best describes you?  >>>> "I don't have any ICF-approved training yet." "I have an ICF ACC or 60 hours of ICF-approved training."  "I graduated from Coaching Mastery."
Level 1: Coaching Mastery Certificate Program 60 hours ACC Prerequisite (60 hours) Prerequisite
(60 hours)
Level 1: Coaching Mastery Foundations Audit-
Level 2: Coaching the Whole Person 15 hours 15 hours 15 hours
Level 2: Advanced Partnering in Coaching 15 hours 15 hours 15 hours
Level 2: Coaching Leaders 15 hours 15 hours 15 hours
Level 2: Coaching Excellence for PCC (mentor coaching) 15 hours 15 hours 15 hours
Level 2: Assessment (5 hours) 5 hours 5 hours 5 hours
 ICF Training hours included  125 hours 65 hours
(125 total)
65 hours
(125 total)
 Standard Registration  $8,747  $5,099* $4,899
Early Registration (full payment 14 days before)   $7,947  $4,948 $4,449

Note: If you completed any of the above courses, contact us about transferring into this new Level 2 Certificate program.

* There is a $200 fee to transfer in up to 60 hours of ICF-approved training (CCEs cannot be transferred in). This fee includes a complementary auditing of Coaching Mastery Foundations.

Need to raise the money? Watch a webinar and download fundraising templates you can adapt and send to your donors. Many others have done this successfully.

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The Level 2 Professional Coach Certificate Program is great leadership training and great professional coaching training. Many Christian leaders have already benefited from this training, and now you can too.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

If you attend Coaching The Whole Person and at any time in the first two plenary sessions of the program determine that we haven't delivered as promised, email me at help@crmcoaches.com and I will promptly refund your money.

No problem. No questions asked. You have my word on it.

Questions I'm Frequently Asked

If we were face-to-face over a cup of coffee, I would answer all your questions about the Level 2 Professional Coach Certificate Program. But since we’re not, let me do the next best thing …

Here are the questions I get asked most frequently, and my answers. Once you are done reading, scroll back up and register. I hope to see you soon!

Q: I work in a business, not a nonprofit, is the Professional Coach Certificate Program relevant to me?

A: Yes! The mindsets, skills, and tools we teach can be fully utilized in a business environment. We teach from a Christian worldview, but our coaching processes can be used with or without Christian language. Many of our graduates coach in their companies and make a big impact. Our training will help you be a more empowering manager and deepen your coaching impact. 

Q: Are all the trainings remote through video conferencing? 

A: All instruction and events are online using Zoom video conferencing. We saw significant increases in participation and enrollment when we removed the cost of travel required for onsite training. Utilizing breakout rooms for small groups and 1-on-1 coaching has the same impact and insights of in-person events. 

Q: Are there any scholarships available for nonprofit folks?

A: Not individually. We keep our operating costs low so our program fees are as reasonable as possible. Still, it can be a challenge for some. Many nonprofit folks have raised the money that they needed to attend our programs through their prayer and financial supporters. Download this sample fundraising letter.

Q: How long has Creative Results Management been around?

A: Our first professional Christian coaching program was in October of 2006 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Since then, we've held more than 100 professional-length programs (60+ training hours) around the world with more than 2,000 participants. When you include shorter 1, 2, and 3 day trainings, we've trained more than 15,000 people just in the past 5 years.

Q: Why is International Coaching Federation (ICF) approval such a big deal?

A: Credentials are only as good as the association behind them. The ICF's requirements are rigorous and highly respected. Our participants want the highest standard, and we help them get there with the ICF. The Level 1 Coaching Mastery Certificate Program is approved by the ICF as an Level 1 Certificate program. The Level 2 Professional Coach Certificate Program is approved as a Level 2 Certificate program. It meets the training and mentor-coaching requirements for ICF membership and application to the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation.

Q: I've heard about other coaching associations, why isn't your training accredited by these too?

A: There are many smaller coaching associations out there. We align with the world's largest and most international coaching association, the International Coaching Federation (ICF). We're also a member of the Christian Coaches Network International.

Q: When I graduate from the Professional Coach Certificate Program do I automatically get an ICF credential?

A: Upon graduation you will have met the training and mentor-coaching qualifications for the ICF Professional Certified Coach. And you will have graduated from a Level 2 Certificate program. The ICF also requires 500 total client coaching hours and a multiple choice exam. We will show you how to apply through the faster, easier and less expensive ICF PCC Level 2 application path. More than 500 people have received an ICF ACC, PCC, or MCC credential with our coaching training.

Q: What qualifies your instructors to teach coaching?

A: Creative Results Management instructors are first of all practitioners. They bring decades of on-field work & ministry experience and personal mastery in coaching and training. They work and live all around the world. All our coach instructors are Credentialed Coach Members of the ICF. Several of our instructors serve as leaders on their local ICF chapter boards. Click to see the instructors.

Q: Are the instructors successful coaches?

A: Yes, and recognized by their peers as such. See above.

Q: What coaching credentials do the instructors have?

A: All faculty hold an ICF coach credential. Most hold a Professional Certified Coach or Master Certified Coach credential.

Q: How much of the training is voice-to-voice vs independent or self-directed?

A: All of the Level 2 Professional Coach Certificate Program's training hours count as ICF Core Competency training. The ratio of synchronous to asynchronous is about 70/30. 

The ICF and other coaching associations have strict requirements regarding how much must be live voice-to-voice instruction. Don't be disappointed to learn later that your coaching training doesn't count toward an ICF credential.

Q: What support does Creative Results Management offer graduates?

A: Our website allows participants to login and track their progress throughout their program. They are able to create a profile, interact with other participants and graduates, and access bonus training materials and resources. 

Q: What if I this training doesn't meet my needs?

A: No problem. If you attend the training and at any time during the first 2 plenary sessions of the program determine that we haven't delivered as promised, I will promptly refund your money. You have my word on it. (See my satisfaction guarantee above.)

Q: What if I have a question or need support?

A: We are here to help. Click the "Got a question?" button to send us a message. We'll email or phone back.

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Keith WebbIf you're a Christian leader and want to multiply your impact, we can help. I developed The COACH Model® and our ICF-approved Christian coaching training to help you achieve organizational results while simultaneously developing people.

Since 2005, we led leadership development and coaching processes in more than 30 countries from over 350 organizations. In the past 3 years, we trained more than 10,000 leaders in coaching skills.

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