Advanced Partnering in Coaching

(15 ICF training hours)

Developing Powerful Coaching Relationships

Advanced partnering takes your coaching to a whole new level by creating a powerful mutual reciprocity.

Let's face it, as you begin coaching you can ask helpful reflective questions, one after another, and still direct the process with too little input from the client. 

Advanced coaches partner with clients by giving them choices and then responding. Gone are the worries about: Is this conversation still relevant? Where to go next? How valuable is the conversation for the client? And what do I do with my intuition and observations?

In Advanced Partnering in Coaching, you will learn high level skills to help to help you partner with clients throughout the coaching conversation:

  • Increasing clarity and depth of partnering in creating agreement for the session. 
  • Meaningfully exploring issues important to the client to address and how to address them. 
  • Increasing trust and partnership with the client in the direction of the conversation.
  • Supporting the client in exploring their learning about themselves and their situation. 
  • Catalyzing learning into in-the-moment application.
  • Partnering to form more meaningful post-session learning and implementation.
  • Smoothly partnering to conclude the conversation. 

The result of partnering in these ways produces increased breakthroughs for clients. The weight of "figuring it out" is off the coach's shoulders. Coaching is more relational, productive, and enjoyable.

Coach Contributions

Another aspect of advanced partnering with clients is how the coach easily and freely shares observations, intuitions, comments, and feelings without attachment. The coach isn't sharing their ideas or opinions. Instead, coaches partner with clients by noticing things, sharing those things with clients, giving clients a choice to discuss them or not, and exploring, all without needing clients to agree with their observations.

Sharing freely in these ways requires relearning unhelpful sharing habits that and learning advanced coaching skills. 

Learning Through Instruction & Practice

Sessions are led by Dr. Keith Webb, PCC and include discussion and skill practice. You'll see coaching demonstrations by instructors, you'll coach and be coached, all with feedback and discussion. We'll go over the relevant ICF PCC Markers for how to coach at a PCC level. Practice is emphasized so you move from knowing about these skills, to being able to do them. 

Included Resources

Advance Partnering in Coaching uses proprietary materials designed to help you learn the mindsets and skills of a coach and use them in any conversation. 

We provide PDF copies for you to print for your use. If you're in the USA, we'll mail you a printed copy.

Course Outline & Objectives

Session 1: Partner With the Client

  • What is partnering in coaching?
  • How to create choice points for clients throughout the conversation.
  • Partnering for a more meaningful Outcome.
  • Partnering to celebrate progress.
  • Partnering to close the session well. 
  • Coaching practice & feedback.

Session 2: Partner With Contributions

  • A 5-step framework for how to add your observations, intuitions, and feedback.
  • How to avoid attachment to your contributions.
  • Noticing and exploring trends.
  • Coaching practice & feedback.

Session 3: Partner By Exploring Progress & Learning

  • How to partner to explore the client's progress toward their Outcome.
  • How to explore client learning throughout the coaching session regarding themselves and their situation.
  • How to turn that learning into meaningful application, even in the current coaching conversation.
  • Coaching demonstration & practice.
Session 4: Partner to Design Actions
  • How partner to design better post-session plans for continued learning.
  • How to coach greater depth of possible helps and hindrances in implementing actions.
  • Coaching practice & feedback.

About this Course


  • As this is an advanced course, at least 60+ coaching training hours, and 80+ client coaching hours.

Additional requirements:

  • Implement coaching with your clients.
  • Additional reading homework.

ICF Credit Hours:

  • 15 ICF training hours as part of the our ICF Level 2 Certificate. 
  • You can use these hours for your ICF membership, coach credential, or credential renewal. All hours are Core Competencies.

Your Instructor:

  • Dr. Keith Webb, PCC

If you miss part of the course...
  • You may miss up to 25% the live class sessions and make them up by listening to records.
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