Leading in a VUCA World

Is Your Context Complicated or Complex?

Leadership is not carried out in a vacuum but always in a context. Your context determines the competencies you need as a leader to carry out tasks effectively and efficiently.

Increasingly, the leadership context has shifted from a complicated context to a complex one. Our approach to leading must be totally different.

What our leadership is prepared for (left) vs what's actually happening now (right).

Complicated contexts are those that, despite having many parts, are relatively well defined and linked together in more or less simple ways. The Complicated allows us the possibility of treating and studying each component in isolation. To a certain extent, by influencing one area we can predict how it will affect the others.

Complex contexts are those made of multiple parts, which interact with each other in constantly changing ways. The vast number of interactions occurring generates change at higher speed, with unpredictable results.

Most of our organizations and leadership paradigms have been designed to operate in Complicated contexts but cannot keep up in Complex contexts. We need new ways of leading.

This new complex environment has also been called VUCA, which is an acronym for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity.

The VUCA framework can guide toward a leadership response.

Each element in VUCA is tremendously challenging on its own, but the combination of all four elements generates exponential change. Old paradigms and accumulated knowledge and experience become obsolete with tremendous speed.

Introducing the VUCA-7™ Assessment

How prepared are you to successfully operate in a VUCA environment?

The VUCA-7™ tool is designed to evaluate the required competencies of an individual to lead effectively in a VUCA world. VUCA-7™ is focused on 7 key competencies to lead efficiently in a VUCA environment. The 7 competencies arise from thorough analysis of the latest published research.

VUCA-7™ Competencies

  1. Learning
  2. Alignment
  3. Agility
  4. Adaptability
  5. Clarity
  6. Integration
  7. Creative instinct

VUCA-7™ Sub-Dimensions

Each VUCA-7™ competency consists of 7 sub-dimensions, for a total of 49 assessment points. These are useful to show to what extent a leader has integrated these competencies into their leadership style and how well they are managing themselves within the organization.

The VUCA-7™ assessment author, Andreu Ortiz will be leading this interactive workshop, along with Dr Keith Webb and Félix Ortiz.

With this workshop you will understand the keys to dramatic shifts in leadership. You will identify your strengths using the VUCA-7™ assessment and will develop necessary skills so that you and your organization can face turbulence and disruption.
  • You will see how vision gives us clarity and direction in the midst of uncertainty.
  • You will learn flexible leadership styles that allow you to adapt to a highly volatile and ambiguous environment.
  • You will see what strategies are necessary to face our increasingly complex environment.
  • You will delve into the keys to change and build a resilient action plan that’s future fit and VUCA-proof.

Workshop Outline

Session 1: What is VUCA and why are we living in a VUCA world?

Understand each part of the acronym and how this new reality affects the way we lead organizations.

  • Outcome 1: Develop organizational awareness.
  • Outcome 2: Learn global trends and how they are shaping a new way of leading.

Session 2: Effect of VUCA on organizations and individuals

How is this new context affecting our realities?

What do we have to leave behind to be effective in this new normality?

  • Outcome 1: Learn the necessary leadership competencies to thrive in a VUCA world.
  • Outcome 2: Develop awareness and understanding of the key factors of future fit organizations and leaders.

Session 3: The VUCA-7™ Assessment & first steps to develop your action plan

Develop a future fit action plan that includes the necessary competences that you and your organization need to develop to surf the turbulence.

  • Outcome 1: Gain awareness with VUCA-7™ the first VUCA-proof competencies assessment.
  • Outcome 2: Develop an action plan with us to be a future fit leader.
  • Outcome 3: Exchange impressions and ideas with the other participants and our facilitation to use the Team IQ and gain even more awareness.

You Will Receive

  • Three 3-hour live, interactive, group classes via Zoom.
  • VUCA-7™ assessment (valued at $49).
  • Helpful articles and resources.
  • Recordings if you miss the live group.
About this Course


  • You need a computer or tablet (not just a phone) with microphone, sound, and video camera.

Additional requirements:

  • None.

ICF Credit Hours:

  • There are no ICF training hours for this course. For those renewing their ICF credential, this course provides 9 resource hours.
If you miss a class...
  • You can listen to a recording.


Andreu Ortiz, ACC, lives near Barcelona. With extensive international experience as a trainer, he helps people and organizations to reach their full potential. He has a Master's in Human Resources Management and postgraduate work in Social Psychology. He created the VUCA-7™ assessment and consults with companies and teams regarding leadership development. He serves as a professor in several programs of the Barcelona School of Business Administration. 

            Private Workshops with Your Team

"Leading in a VUCA World" with Andreu Ortiz 

  • 3 x 3-hour group online sessions. The same content as above.

  • Uses video conferencing via your computer's internet connection. (Zoom)
  • VUCA-7™ assessment, valued at $49.
  • Scheduled at your team's convenience.

With up to 10 people: $1,499
Each additional person: $129

------------ or -----------

"VUCA-7™ Assessment & Application" with Andreu Ortiz 

  • 3-hour group online session. Focused on the assessment and application, Session 3 only from above.

  • Uses video conferencing via your computer's internet connection. (Zoom)

  • VUCA-7™ assessment, valued at $49.

  • Scheduled at your team's convenience.

With up to 10 people: $799
Each additional person: $99


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