Coaching in Everyday Conversations

(10 ICF training hours)

You know what to do when you sit down with a client for a coaching session, but do you have trouble knowing how to leverage those same coaching skills in everyday situations?

Do you find yourself defaulting back to old patterns of telling and giving advice in your leadership role?

How often do you find yourself in conversations with teammates, colleagues or even family members where you think coaching might be a helpful approach but you’re not sure how to navigate the conversation?

Coaching in Everyday Conversations is designed to help you tap into your powerful coaching skills to enhance and strengthen the way you relate to others—personally and professionally. You will learn and practice:

  1. A framework to use in conversations with individuals to help you identify when is a good time to use some coaching skills and when to offer other types of support. 
  2. A mental model to help you understand how to use coaching skills for a more collaborative style of leadership that can unlock the potential of everyone on your team.

Use your coaching skills in everyday conversations, not just formal coaching sessions.

Course Objectives

You will discover…

  • How to distinguish the type of support people need in everyday situations.
  • How to assess both your own developmental mindset as well as how ready your team is to collaborate. 

You will practice…

  • Getting into everyday conversations and quickly assessing how to support people by coaching them, or offering other support that’s appropriate to their readiness to engage.
  • Personal leadership development practices.
  • Assessing teams by coaching another leader through a developmental framework.
You will receive…
  • Two powerful models for approaching conversations in every part of your life and in your team life particularly.

About this Course


  • 21+ hours coaching training hours

Additional requirements:

  • Limited homework between classes including some video training (under 10 minutes each) and some practice with people you know.

Course Instructor(s): 

  • Duke Dillard, ACC and Dano, ACC

ICF Credit Hours:

  • 10 ICF ACSTH hours. 
  • You can use these hours for your ICF membership, coach credential, or credential renewal. All hours are Core Competencies.
If you miss a class...
  • You can listen to a recording of 1 teleclass to make it up. 
  • If you miss more than a teleclass you must make it up live with an Instructor for an additional $150 fee.

What Participants Are Saying...

“I loved how this elective helped me take the guesswork out of ascertaining what is needed in any relationship, whether informal (family and friends) or formal (work and ministry). Take this course if you want to get better at implementing The COACH Model® principles in everyday life.”
- Valorie Jones, Coaching in Everyday Conversations Graduate

“This class was incredible. I'm amazed at how much Duke and Dano were able to impart in just four sessions, and how I was able to start using what I was learning right away! As a result of incorporating developmental coaching into my family, my 14-year-old is now equipped to ask questions in order to assess agency and awareness in others. I hope that others within my organization take this class! I can imagine how the momentum could change in terms of retention/attrition as we use these skills and develop people to their fullest potential. If we truly unlock and unleash agency from the sides and bottom of our organization it would be world-changing.”
- JS Stratcoor, Director with Frontiers

"The models shared in Coaching in Everyday Conversations were extremely useful to me in my personal life and professional work. The course was led interactively, in good adult education fashion, as I've come to expect from Creative Results Management."
- Dave Conner, Ed.D., Coaching in Everyday Conversations Graduate

  Live Zoom Course

Coaching in Everyday Conversations. Live zoom classes with Duke Dillard, ACC & Dano, ACC.

  • 4 x 120 minutes group teleclasses.

  • 10 ICF ACSTH credit hours upon completion.

Standard: $379

Early Registration: $349

Tuesdays & Fridays, November 14811 from 8:00 to 10:00 AM Pacific Time.

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