Establishing The Coaching Relationship

(10 ICF training hours)

Are you ready to be a Coach? This class gives you the tools you need for every step of the coaching relationship. The secrets we'll share with you, and that you'll practice, will help you set up and successfully manage coaching relationships.

Here's some of the things you'll learn: 

    1. The role of a Coach.
    2. How to do your first coaching appointment with a client.
    3. How to create series goals. These are the larger goals you and the client will work on over several months.
    4. How to know when you're over your head and need to refer a client to another professional.
    5. All the details to successfully apply for your ICF coach credential.

We'll give you: 

    • Templates for client agreements in Word.
    • Other helpful client documents in Word.
    • Guide to the ICF Coach Credentialing Process in PDF.
    • 10 hours of ICF ACSTH training hours.

If you've taken foundational coaching training, like our Coaching Workshop for Christian Leaders, and want to build intentional coaching relationships, this class will assist you. 

Course Outline & Objectives

Session 1: Preparing to Coach

  • Understand the role of a Coach.
  • Identify who you could coach.
  • Why agreements enhance the coaching relationship.
  • How to create a client folder.
  • Practice coaching.

Session 2: The First Coaching Appointment

  • Overview of the coaching series.
  • What to do before the first coaching appointment.
  • How to do the first coaching appointment.
  • How to create coaching series goals.
  • Practice coaching series goals.

Session 3: Ethics & Referral Issues

  • How to avoid ethical issues in coaching.
  • How to identify issues beyond the scope of coaching.
  • How to comfortably refer a client to another professional.
  • How to stoke the F.I.R.E. in Outcome.
  • Practice coaching.

Session 4: ICF Certification & Final Coaching Appointment

  • The ICF coach certification process.
  • How to create a client coaching recording & transcript.
  • How to prepare for and pass the ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA).
  • How to do a final coaching appointment with a client.
  • Practice coaching.

About this Course


  • 21+ coaching training hours.

Additional requirements:

  • Implement coaching with your clients between classes.
  • Additional reading homework will take 30-60 minutes between classes.

ICF Credit Hours:

  • 10 ICF ACSTH hours. You can use these training hours for your ICF membership, coach credential, or credential renewal.

You will receive...

  • 8 hours of personal instruction.

  • 3 downloadable client documents in Word

  • 3 downloadable client agreement templates in Word.

  • Guide to the ICF Coach Credentialing Process in PDF.

  • The ICF Core Competencies, and ICF Code of Ethics.

  • Practice coaching, with feedback.

If you miss a class...
  • You can listen to a recording of 2 teleclasses to make it up. 
  • If you miss more than 2 teleclasses you must make it up live with an Instructor for an additional $150 fee.

What Participants Are Saying...

"This course really helped me nail down the specifics on a coaching series, how best to set up the series with clear expectations, time line for sessions, and how to end well. Its a great course for any coach to learn the nuts and bolts or a seasoned coach to update current skills."
- Lynsey M, Establishing The Coaching Relationship Graduate

"This was a very practical course that has helped me to overcome my apprehension that I felt towards coaching. I'm back on track!"
- Maarten S, Establishing The Coaching Relationship Graduate

  Live Teleclass Course

"Establishing The Coaching Relationship" with Richard Lim, PCC 

  • 4 x 125 minute group teleclasses.

  • Uses video conferencing via your computer's internet connection. (Zoom)
  • 10 ICF ACSTH credit hours upon completion.

  • Classes limited to 16 people.
Standard:  $379
Early Registration:  $349


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