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Next Steps for Participants of 
The Core Coaching Skills Certificate Program

 "I made a 12 minute video that explains all this. Watch it here." - Keith

I remember back in 2004 when God gave me the vision of a professional-length coaching training program for ministry people. So scary! Now, more than 1,000 people from 54 countries and more than 350 organizations have taken CORE. I'm deeply grateful.

As our programs morph and change and we will no longer offer CORE, know that CORE was there first. All our other programs stand on your shoulders.

I want to share with you some next steps you can take to continue your coaching training. You already know how effective coaching is in ministry. We now offer a bunch of Elective Courses to allow you to build on your CORE training. On this page I'll share with you:  

  • How to graduate from CORE - even if it's past the 18 month time limit. (Go there)
  • How Elective Courses build on CORE. (Go there)
  • How to find your graduation certificate from CORE. (Go there)
  • How to meet the requirements for an ICF ACC or PCC credential. (Go there)
  • How to get a Trainer's License and even become an Approved Instructor and even make some money. (Go there)
  • What the new certificate programs are and how they compare to CORE. (Go there)

If you haven't participated in the Core Coaching Skills Certificate Program, then you'll want to check out our current certificate programs here

Graduate From CORE, Even After Your 18 Months Are Up

There are a number of benefits and advantages of graduating. Here are a few:

  • Coaching others will result in greater ministry impact.
  • Receive a printable certificate.
  • Receive documentation for 60 or 61 ICF coach-specific training hours (depending on when you took CORE).
  • Go on to get your ICF ACC credential, and / or join the ICF.
  • Purchase a Trainer's License for the COACHING Workshop for Christian Leaders and train others.
  • Bragging rights on Facebook. 

From July 1, 2014 we began to charge a $250 administration fee for anyone who wants to graduate after their 18 months are up. I hate charging fees, but it costs us to process graduations - especially ones outside the 18 month window.

The good news is you can still graduate after your 18 months is up. I'll show you. Here are the first couple of steps: 

Find out what you have left to do to complete CORE. Here's how: 

  1. Make sure you are logged in to this website.
  2. Click the View Profile link in the upper right hand corner under your name. 
  3. Scroll to the bottom of your profile page to see a record of what you have completed and what is still outstanding to complete your Program. If you find any inconsistencies please let us know.

Once you know what you need to do, you can go to the CORE Program Materials page and download templates and instructions. Here's how: 

  1. Make sure you are logged in to this website.
  2. Click here. Or go to Secure > CORE Members > CORE Program Materials.

Avoid the administration fee by graduating soon!

Continue Learning With Elective Courses, And, If You Want to, Get Your ICF Credential

We are launching 9 Elective Courses. These are live teleclass series on topics you have requested. Build your skills as a coach with a course such as Group Coaching or Strengths-Based Coaching, or Cross-Cultural Coaching. 

The ICF has approved all our courses. You can take any of them. When you take an Elective Course as a live teleclass, you will receive ICF training credit. Use these training credit to earn or renew your ICF credential.

Here's a chart to show you how Elective Courses fit together with the Core Coaching Skills Certificate Program.

Once you graduate from the Core Coaching Skills Certificate Program you have 60 or 61 coach-specific training hours. The ICF requires 60 training hours for an ACC credential, and 125 training hours for a PCC. (Details on getting your ICF credential are here.)

You also need 10 mentor-coaching hours. We provide that through Coaching Excellence (Mentor-Coaching). This course helps you take your coaching skills to the next level. It focuses on sharpening your coaching ability around the 11 ICF Core Competencies. You will earn 12 more coach-specific training hours as well as 10 mentor-coaching hours.

Take any other Elective Courses that you are interested in. Each one is 7.5 Continuing Coach Education hours in core competencies. In the chart above you can see how you can build enough training hours to get your Professional Coach Certification (PCC) from the ICF.


How To Find Your Graduation Certificate

If you graduated from CORE your certificate may be stored in your profile. If you took CORE before Sept. 2011, then you'll also find the course documentation you need to submit to the ICF for your credential.

Find your CORE certificate and coaching training log (if you took CORE prior to September 2011). Here's how: 
  1. First do a search of your email for the subject "graduation". You may find the original email we sent to you.
  2. Or ... Check your profile with us.
  3. Make sure you are logged in at this website.
  4. Click the View Profile link in the upper right hand corner under your name. 
  5. Scroll to the bottom of your profile page and look for Graduation Date. If there's a date there, that means you've graduated. If not, then you haven't yet.
  6. Above that is Graduation Certificate. If there's a link there, click it. If not, that means your certificate have not been saved. Write help@crmcoaches.com and ask for it.

Become A Licensed Trainer

The COACHING Workshop for Christian Leaders Trainer License v. 2.0 provides an individual trainer with all the tools needed to successfully provide high-quality, interactive coaching training.

Drawing from my book, The COACH Model for Christian Leaders, this workshop delivers practical skill development to those you train. And it is one of the most affordable coaching training licenses available.

Thoroughly Biblical, the focus of this 1 to 3 day workshop is on integrating coaching mindset and skills with existing leadership roles. Participants reflect on their current behavior and leadership styles and integrate coaching skills to create a unique blend for greater leadership effectiveness. Participants learn powerful leadership skills for solving problems, reaching goals, and developing others - at home, on the job, or in ministry.

The Trainer License provides you with the know-how, materials, and permissions you need to train others in The COACHING Workshop for Christian Leaders. There is a one-time fee for the License, after that all you need to do is purchase a Participant Manual for each person you train.

The COACHING Workshop for Christian Leaders Trainer License is available to qualified individual trainers, rather than organizations. The license is available to those who have graduated from Core Coaching Skills Certificate Program or equivalent. All the details are here

Become An Approved Instructor

I've created a new training model in order to reach more people. One that has the ICF clout of a centralized approach, as well as the freedom of a decentralized approach.

There's new training track in Creative Results Management called the Coaching Workshop Certificate Program. I can provide International Coach Federation approved training hours for some 3 day Coaching Workshop events (see above). 

If you have a Trainer License and become an Approved Instructor, with this new track your participants can take your training and then upgrade to get ICF credit for it. Your upgraded participants can take additional training with us and progress all the way to their ICF ACC - starting from your training.

Not all Coaching Workshop for Christian Leaders Licensees are eligible to be an Approved Instructor. The International Coach Federation has additional requirements to grant approved training hours. I've kept it as simple as possible. I even provide free training. Click over here to find out what it takes.

The Legacy of CORE Continues

Ninety percent of the people who attended CORE in the last few years did so because someone told them how helpful the program is. Thank you for all your recommendations! 

Up to now, we only offered one main coaching training, CORE. Five days, teleclasses and $1200 was a big commitment for many.

With the new programs: The 21-hour Coaching Workshop Certificate Program, and the 73-hour Coaching Mastery Certificate Program, more people will be able to grow in coaching skills with the time and financial investment that better fits them.

People now have a choice to go to a 3-day training and build from there. The barriers to entry are less than before. 

For those who want an all-in-one professional-length coaching training, The Coaching Mastery Certificate Program provides everything a person needs to get an ICF ACC - 73 training hours and 10 mentor-coaching hours. Coaching Mastery is basically 2 programs in one: CORE + EXCEL. The Early Registration price is $2997. 

When you add up the costs of what's in it, the new price a bit higher than before. In order for us to keep serving the ministry community we needed to increase our prices. In doing so, I made sure that we were also adding value. 

Thanks again for being one of the pioneers in ministry coaching! 

I would love to hear about how you are using coaching in your ministry. And feel free to send any comments or questions directly to me at keith.webb@crmcoaches.com

Grace and Peace,


Keith WebbIf you're a Christian leader and want to multiply your impact, we can help. I developed The COACH Model® and our ICF-approved Christian coaching training to help you achieve organizational results while simultaneously developing people.

Since 2005, we led leadership development and coaching processes in more than 30 countries from over 350 organizations. In the past 3 years, we trained more than 10,000 leaders in coaching skills.

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